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Maximize Your Earnings: Discover How Cleaners Can Save Up to $20,000 Annually with Orderoo’s Zero Fee Model

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Maximize Your Earnings: Discover How Cleaners Can Save Up to $20,000 Annually with Orderoo’s Zero Fee Model

In today’s rapidly evolving gig economy, the on-demand service sector has seen exponential growth, offering flexible work opportunities across various industries. Among these, cleaning services have emerged as a significant segment, with individuals and businesses alike seeking reliable, quality cleaning solutions. However, the financial landscape for cleaners working with different platforms can vary greatly, impacting their take-home earnings and overall job satisfaction. This article explores how a revolutionary zero fee model, akin to what Orderoo offers, can significantly increase earnings for cleaners, potentially saving them up to $20,000 annually compared to traditional platforms that charge lead fees or commissions.

The Traditional Cost of Doing Business

Traditionally, platforms operating in the on-demand cleaning services sector have employed one of two models to generate revenue: lead fees or commissions. In the lead fee model, cleaners are charged a fixed fee for every job lead they receive, irrespective of whether the lead converts into a paying job. This model, while straightforward, can significantly eat into a cleaner’s earnings, especially if the conversion rate from lead to job is low. For example, with a lead fee of $20 and an average of 10 leads per week, a cleaner could be looking at $200 per week in fees alone, totalling an astounding $10,400 annually, without any guarantee of actual work.

On the other hand, the commission model takes a percentage of the job’s total value as its fee. Depending on the platform, these commissions can range from 15% to over 20%. For a cleaner handling jobs that average $100 in value, a 20% commission rate would mean a $20 cut to the platform per job. Assuming an average of 10 jobs per week, this equates to $200 in commissions weekly or $10,400 over a year, directly reducing the cleaner’s earnings from each job.

The Zero Fee Model: A Game Changer

Enter the zero fee model, a novel approach that eliminates these costs for cleaners, allowing them to keep 100% of their earnings from each job. This model is transformative for several reasons. Firstly, it removes the financial barriers to accepting job leads, encouraging cleaners to take on more work without the worry of upfront costs. Secondly, by not penalizing cleaners for jobs that don’t convert, it fosters a more dynamic and flexible working environment, where cleaners are incentivized to connect with more clients, knowing that their earnings will not be diminished by failed leads.

A Broad Spectrum of Zero Fee Services

Orderoo’s innovation extends beyond cleaning, embracing a wide array of on-demand services without any joining, commission, or lead fees. This model applies across diverse categories, including home maintenance, gardening, personal tutoring, and beauty treatments, among others. It creates a fertile ecosystem for professionals across various fields to offer their services directly to consumers, ensuring they retain 100% of their earnings. This approach not only opens up new avenues for professionals to engage with their clientele but also provides consumers with unparalleled access to a variety of services under a single platform. By eliminating financial barriers, Orderoo fosters a vibrant community where both service providers and consumers benefit from a transparent, fair, and inclusive marketplace.

Real-World Impact and Savings

Consider the potential savings for cleaners working under this model. Without the burden of lead fees or commissions, a cleaner could save upwards of $10,400 annually from lead fees alone, based on the previously mentioned example. Furthermore, by avoiding commission fees on the same volume of work, an additional saving of $7,800 to $11,440 could be realized, based on commission rates of 15% to 20%. Combined, these savings could total between $18,200 to $21,840 annually, a significant increase in take-home pay.

Increased Earnings and Business Growth

The benefits of the zero fee model extend beyond just savings. By retaining more of their earnings, cleaners can reinvest in their businesses, purchasing better equipment, expanding their services, or even reducing their rates to be more competitive, thereby attracting more clients. This reinvestment and competitive pricing can lead to a virtuous cycle of business growth, increased client satisfaction, and higher earnings.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

For platforms adopting this model, the advantages include attracting and retaining the best cleaning professionals. In a competitive market, where skilled cleaners are in high demand, platforms that offer better financial terms will naturally attract more and better talent. This, in turn, enhances the quality of service provided to clients, fostering a positive reputation and encouraging repeat business.

A Case for Transparency and Fairness

The zero fee model also promotes transparency and fairness in the gig economy, principles that are increasingly important to workers and clients alike. By ensuring that cleaners receive fair compensation for their work, platforms can build trust and loyalty, key components in sustaining long-term growth and success.


The advent of a zero fee model represents a significant shift in the on-demand service industry, offering a win-win solution for both cleaners and platforms. For cleaners, it means higher earnings, more job flexibility, and the opportunity to grow their businesses without the burden of excessive fees. For platforms, it offers a competitive edge in attracting the best talent and building a loyal client base through superior service quality.

As the gig economy continues to evolve, models that prioritize the financial well-being and satisfaction of workers will likely come to the forefront. For cleaners, working with a platform that embraces such a model could not only maximize their earnings but also provide a more fulfilling and sustainable career path in the on-demand service industry.

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